Today the Bible is under attack like never before. Its history and authenticity are being challenged by both secularists and the religious. In layman’s terms Guardians of the Word answers some of the common questions.

The Bible is God’s Word for all people. He has called faithful servants who have sacrificed their own safety and comfort to carry out the important task of preserving the accuracy of the Scriptures down through the ages as it is made accessible to everyone. From the scribes to the scholars who gave us the English Bible to the translators in the mission field today, their stories are remarkable. Learning about guardians of the Word such as John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, Martin Luther, King James, William Carey, Hudson Taylor, Cameron Townsend, and others, will inspire you with the realization that God indeed uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things for His Kingdom.
Includes charts, graphs, and illustrations.

Whisper Lake Front Cover 2016


Whisper Lake appears to be a typical community with its share of peace and troubles. But behind the scenes the demon realm is making dangerous inroads into the very framework of the community—the churches, the medical profession, the schools, and social structures.
Pastor Eric Lewis and his family seem to be standing alone in the battle to hold fast to the tried and true practices of the Christian faith as taught in the Holy Bible. Eric faces challenges and discouragement from fellow pastors. Wife Ruth is disheartened by the strange therapies being incorporated into patient care at the hospital where she works. Daughter Rachel sees her friends enmeshed in the culture of alcohol. In each instance, the family turns to God for strength and guidance and finds Him faithful.
But when a miracle occurs, the entire town is captivated and searching for answers. This leaves the clergymen of Whisper Lake polarized. Is this a sign from God or the work of something sinister?
A riveting, but humorous tale of spiritual warfare reminiscent of “This Present Darkness” and “The Screwtape Letters.”


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What’s so special about October 31st? Well, it’s not only Halloween, it’s also Reformation Day. This free gospel tract is great to give to trick-or-treaters along with the usual goodies.